BPG Latex
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BPG Nitrile
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Safety gloves materials determine how much sweat or moisture is absorbed during wear. 
Many styles of nitrile gloves powder-free, but are designed to be absorbent and less permeable to bacteria and viruses than other disposable glove materials.

Surgical Gloves

Excell - Extra Care

Surgical gloves are worn by surgeons and other health professionals that have direct contact with blood, infections, sharp tools and other harmful objects and substances that could cause extreme illness or infection. For those who must wear surgical gloves, it’s important that they are of high quality. A lot of surgeons prefer nitrile gloves due to their extreme durability and puncture resistance.

BPG Extra Care
BPG Nitrile

Examination Gloves

Latex - Nitrile

Healthcare professionals working as caregivers are required to protect themselves and others from cross contamination during exams and procedures. They are great for use in unsanitary situations and can be disposed of after every use. Medical exam gloves don’t have to be made of the highest quality or thickest material. They can be purchased in latex, vinyl or nitrile with a thickness level that suits the needs of the employees in need of exam gloves.